the team

Darren Locklear

Co-Owner of Carolina PPG, Introductory Tandem Flight Instructor

Background and Experience

  • Originally from Scotland County, NC
  • Day Job- Medical Service/Sales
  • Family man with a beautiful wife, 4 kids (I’m actually the youngest kid in the house), 3 grandchildren, 2 dogs, a lizard, and a rabbit

my dream

The neighbors once told me they weren’t worried about running over the kids playing in the street; it was me they were concerned about. I’ve always been an adrenaline junkie from skateboarding to dirt bike racing to crotch rockets, etc! I’ve been broken more than once and remember jumping off the house when I was a kid with a trash bag… that didn’t end too well. As a kid I dreamed I could fly; when I would wake up I always tried to fall back asleep hoping I could fly again.

One day a neighbor of mine asked me if I had seen Tucker Gott on YouTube. I began watching his videos and immediately knew I had to find a way to get into the sky on a paramotor. I’d been bitten by the PPG bug.

my goal

My goal is to grow Carolina PPG and share this amazing sport, because I have seen and experienced how life-changing it is. When students complete their first flights, I’m just as excited as they are. I am absolutely one million percent in love with this sport… I can’t imagine my life without it


Co-Owner of Carolina PPG, Director of Sales

Background and Experience

  • US Navy veteran, stationed aboard USS Enterprise, Norfolk, VA
  • Bachelor of Science Business- East Carolina University
  • Day Job- Spectrum Enterprise National Channel Manager
  • Married to Amanda with 2 amazing boys Beckham 15 yrs. & Reed 9 yrs. & dog: Rocket, 8 yrs.

Paramotoring Experience:

  • Foot Launch Training 2018 - USPPA 1 & 2 Certified
  • Foot Launch PPG 3 2020
  • Wheel Launch PPG 1 2020, PPG 2 & 3 2021
  • Tandem Certified 2021

pilot school

I started training for my private pilot’s license in 1998. I completed ground school and numerous hours, but ultimately decided the ongoing expense was too high and I needed to find a cheaper hobby. 

Life happened… marriage, mortgage, children (you know the story), and I put aviation on hold.

the discovery

Fast forward twenty years… I am driving my son to early morning football practice, and I often noticed an individual flying over nearby fields. Like others before me, I jumped on the World Wide Web and found the World of Powered Paragliding (PPG). I located a nearby school in Fayetteville, NC, and wish I had discovered the sport years ago.

I am so blessed and hope to help others who are interested in PPG, for it has “flown” to the forefront of my passions.